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With growing size of risk, finding a specialist requires ever declining efforts on your side.

How do you select a good specialist from the pool of service providers?

Since you have already arrived on our homepage, it is our opinion, that you have already discovered one.

Differentiation according to additional professional designation protected by a code of professional conduct, typical for example in the legal or medical profession, is missing in the world of insurance brokerage. For the short-term, not even the law on “insurance intermediaries” (Versicherungsvermittlerrecht), enacted as of May 22nd 2007, fills the gap. Hence, if the entry requirements to the brokers’ profession are already quite low, apparently a designation for special insurance lines is no more than information, by no means however, a qualification protected by a code of professional conduct.

Practical experience shows that the most frequently chosen way searching for a specialist leads to the generalist or rather account manager of the broker of your confidence. You get them to search and make the choice for you. The more staff your broker employs, the more often your account manager will deviate the variety of colleagues from the company´s size. This might, but does not have to be the case concerning each risk and each insurance product. Again, this will not save you from reconsideration in each individual case, if you do not want to delegate the risk of making the right choice.

Particularly in Germany major risks are divided up between more brokers and more brokerage branches than is the case for example in France, England or the USA. Specialization develops with number and size of risk accounts attended to. Furthermor, as described at the beginning of the page References, the German market is little transparent in this regard. Size however, indicates but does not guarantee specialty treatment on an upscale level.