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Financial Lines lack of transparency, because the market traditionally does neither publish customer names nor company results. Financial Lines do not pose any obligation for disclosure. Hence national or foreign statistics are unavailable, which are quite common with regard to other risks. Discretion is an essential part in many Financial Lines segments. Information is frequently based on unsubstantiated allegations and assessments. Consequentially selections are based on recommendations. The following list provides some references militating in our favor.

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References Jear Data sets
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  2009 - 10. Forum panel discussion [1.142 KB]
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DGVH Deutsche Gesellschaft für Vermögensschadenhaftpflicht e.V. 2013 Membership from the beginning
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MWV (Münchner Seminar für Wirtschafts- und Versicherungsrecht GmbH) 06.11.2013 Speaker in Seminar: "Current topics of D&O-Insurance"
Towers Perrin Tillinghast 2007 Press Release [39 KB]
  2007 Cover Letter to Members re. D&O-Survey [47 KB]
  2007 Questionnaire D&O-Survey [128 KB]
  2007 Survey bfv [42 KB]
  2007 Survey DVS [694 KB]