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Following, you will find a brief description of products in our area of specialization.

“Financial Lines” stands for insurance products covering financial loss and costs thereof. Financial Loss means loss which is neither personal nor property damage nor derived from such damages. Comprehensive service with regard to financial loss requires a combination of different financial loss and cost insurance products.

In Germany’s insurance market this product combination is still an exception. For historical reasons, German insurers and brokers typically attend to these product lines not only in one, but different departments. Crime, for example, is often part of the credit insurance division.

Products for Top-Managers’ Defense Cost Insurance belongs to legal defense cost insurance.

D&O on the contrary has later been established in the field of third party risk insurance, although defense cost insurance with its much longer history had meanwhile accumulated valuable know-how with its products designed for managers’ safeguard.

In Germany EPL product demand is only just recently and slowly becoming apparent on account of the EU-gender-equality-guidelines.

Similarly interest for fiduciary insurance is just gradually emerging. This is, because outsourcing retirement benefit plans from companies´consolidated balance sheets by maintaining independent pension contribution plans, has been pushed in recent years. Incidentally, D&O und KR&E were prohibited in Germany for the longest time.

However, the combination of financial loss and cost insurance - as mentioned above - is common practice in the US and in Great Britain. As far as professional risk broking is concerned, it is actually advantageous to attend to both subject matters, financial loss and cost insurance simultaneously. Additionally, practical experience of claims settlement in Germany is also very much a point in favour of an overall assessment of the whole Financial Lines´product range. Notification of Claims concerning D&O and E&O are quite often given at the same time. In many cases claims are concurrently reported under D&O, Criminal Defense Cost Insurance and Crime. However, if such interrelation is initially identified in case of a claim notification, it might be too late in view of any risk broking and meaningful product composition. On top of that, designated synergistic effects usually accomplished by closing Package Policies can only be achieved for the future.

As a result it is an advantage to always contemplate on Financial Lines and its coherent risks in combination of all circumstances.

Another aspect most of the above mentioned products have in common is to provide for confidentiality. This requires limitation of parties involved, i.e. avoidance of extensive reporting lines and diversity of responsibilities.

Hence, it becomes quite evident why we have chosen these product combinations as the subject matter of our expertise. The content of these products shall be briefly outlined as follows:

Opening some of the linked documents requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded in an updated version here.