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The position as a procurator and “best advice” are principles of brokers’ liability, which should be thought-provoking, particulary with regard to the overflow of D&O literature. The unlimited flood of D&O articles is by no means an academic air bubble on new territory. It often bubbles along in the broad backwash of major claims, whose handling is escorted by a multitude of expert opinions. The initial potency of D&O insurance contract placements in return for commission payment is now with the benefit of hindsight challenged with respect to quality.

The plurality of high-ranking parties involved in larger financial loss scenarios of commercial customers as e.g., directors and officers, lawyers, accountants, banks, media groups, insurers, consultants, experts etc. also assures that the processes of insurance purchase and administration are being analyzed. In individual cases there might be inquiries about brokers’ liability, responsibilities with respect to organization, selection and control or joint liability.

Anyone who truly conceives the Financial Lines as special matters should select specific solutions regarding it´s placement and attendance. Even if this causes higher costs for once, various expert opinions and publications on this matter indicate that quality has priority over savings on expenses.